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A book called, “Little Boy Blue” who got adopted by the author, Kim Kavin just hours before he was to be killed in a gas chamber at the shelter in North Carolina.

Kim Kavin joins Karen and Renee today to discuss how she met her rescued dog, “Blue” and what she learned about how dogs are killed every day in shelters that use gas chambers. She explains why so many rescue groups are now running vans down south to bring dogs up north to save them from this horrible death!

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The Animal Orphanage Shelter in Voorhees, NJ

Renee talks to Bruce Compton, the President of the Board of Directors of the Animal Orphanage. Bruce talks about the shelter and how it’s run. They also discuss the controversial issue of bringing dogs up from down south to our local shelters and why this is being done. Listeners learn about a few great dogs currently up for adoption. Bruce also talks about an event coming up on September 8, 2012, “Woofstock Pet Festival!” Check the website for more information:

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Discussion about Bella, a fearful, reactive dog who is improving by eating Royal Canin’s food, “CALM.”

Dr. Sally Foote, veterinary behaviorist from Tuscola, Ill. Talks to Renee and Karen about how she’s rehabilitating her dog Bella, who is very reactive to seeing men and other dogs. She also discusses how Royal Canin’s food, “CALM” is helping to keep her dog much calmer during this process. If you want to read Dr. Foote’s blog about Bella, click on this link:

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