Rescue Dogs

Training shelter dogs

Expert trainer and behaviorist, Sue Bulanda visits The Doghouse today. Sue talks to Renee about adopting shelter dogs. They discuss when to start training, how to reward desirable behaviors, and what to expect from these during the “honeymoon period” when they first come to the home. Click here to play or download podcast

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Rescuing Leo, a pit bull vicitimized by Michael Vick

Marthina McClay, Certified Pet Dog Trainer from California, talks about how she rescued Leo. Leo is one of many Pit Bulls who suffered at the hands of Michael Vick. Hear how Leo bounced back within 5 weeks to become a Certified Therapy Dog and now visits cancer patients at an infusion center. Read Leo’s complete […]

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Selecting the right shelter dog to adopt

Interview with Local Trainer, Phil Guida. We Discuss the Shelter System and How to Select the Right Dog to Adopt for Your Family Click here to play or download podcast

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