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Certified Dog Trainer in New Jersey for 20 Years

Certified Dog Trainer in New Jersey

Hi, my name is Renee Premaza, and my business is The Jersey Dog Trainer. I’ve been training puppies & dogs in Basic Obedience, as well as doing Behavior Modification training for issues such as housetraining, mild-moderate aggression, fearfulness, separation distress and leash reactivity for the last 19 years. I am also a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and a FEAR-FREE trainer!

My services include Online as well as private, in-home training. Online training is allowing me to train in any location where someone needs my help. So if you’re located anywhere in New Jersey, or if you live in upstate Pennsylvania, or even in the state of Michigan, I can help you online with most problems you may be experiencing with your dog no matter what city, state or even country where you live (as long as you can speak English 🙂

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Puppy Resource Guarding

When dogs guard stuff (e.g., their food, bones, toys, crates, sticks, their humans, trash and other items they steal, etc.), the term professionals use is “Resource Guarding.” They are guarding what THEY think is a valuable, prized resource and they don’t want anyone to even try to take it away from them. Resource Guarding is actually a “normal” canine behavior. It is a survival technique! However, when it happens in the home against his or her human family, or it happens with his or her housemates, it can become a dangerous behavior. Did you ever see cute pictures of puppies eating their kibble out of a very large food bowl with the rest of their litter? The cuteness that we all laugh at is when one puppy pushes another puppy... Learn More