I can’t tell you how upset I get each time I see a PawBoost Alert that a dog is lost. Recently, there have been a few that have been lost for at least 2 days or more.

I want to give all of my readers just a little advice on how to prevent dogs from getting lost.

When I first wrote this article almost a year ago, one little fur ball was reported missing because she got through an opening of a fence. I suspect the fence may have been the modern vinyl privacy fence. Or, it could even be an old wooden privacy fence. Everytime I visit a new client and we go out in their yard that has one of these fences, I strongly advise that the owners to put large garden rocks at the base of these fences. Why? Because as the fence wears in, and is exposed to weather changes, gaps begin to appear at the base of these fences. That is a huge red flag to me because small dogs can get through them. Large and small dogs, on the other hand, can see one or more of them as an invitation to dig these gaps deeper in order to get out. Some dogs are very adept at climbing fences, so make sure your fence is high enough if you have a large, energetic dog.

Please be aware there are some horrible people out there who love to steal dogs and use them as bait for their dog-fighting rings!

Please also be aware that there are hawks above who see little dogs as dinner! Some people tell me they never see hawks flying around their house. If you love your dog, assume that they’re up there!

Here’s something I hear a lot: I let my dog out in the yard by him/herself, but I always watch. If you “always watch,” then just go out with the dog and make sure nothing bad happens.

If you have recently rescued a dog, please understand that rescues escape from their new homes waaay too often! If they’ve been in a shelter, they can’t help themselves because coming to a brand new home may be very stressful for them, especially during the first few weeks.

One dog was recently lost because the owners went away on vacation and left their elderly dog with their parents to pet-sit until they returned. We never got any notice that dog was recovered 🙁

One last thing; an electric fence does not guarantee your dog will remain behind it. If you have a hunting dog, a herding dog or a terrier and your dog spots something exciting to chase, catch or kill outside of that fence, they will go through it without even feeling that shock! If you see them escaping, they also won’t hear you calling them back! That’s because they are having an Adrenalin rush at seeing prey or something moving quickly. Dare I add that when the dog wants to return home, he learns that he can’t, because s/he’ll get shocked coming back into the fence, but will definitely feel that one!!

So many of you have been wonderful about sharing these PawBoost Alerts that announce there are lost dogs or cats. I can’t thank you enough for sharing them. Please, please share this post.

Warmest regards to all of you,

Renee Premaza