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Siberian Huskies – #2

Renee interviewed two dog trainers today: Nannette Morgan and Jo Jacques. Both trainers are extremely knowledgeable about Siberian Husky sled dogs. They discussed an incident that occurred after the 2010 Winter Olympics where 100 sled dogs were inhumanely destroyed at a tourist center in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nannette and Jo also talked about how sled dogs can easily be re-homed despite the fact that they’ve lived outdoors on a tether all of their lives. If you love Huskies, you’ll enjoy this program!

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Renee chats with Lucy Kennedy about Pugs. They discuss what it’s like to live with these sweet and loving little dogs and what their needs are. Lucy is very involved in Pug rescue. She explains the main reason Pugs wind up in rescue and how people can prevent problems when they live with these dogs.

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