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Fresh Pet Natural Pet Foods

Karen and Renee talk to the owner of Fresh Pet dog foods, Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson talks about the high quality of his foods and that there are no preservatives contained in any of his varieties. The foods need to be refrigerated, so they are found in the refrigerators in supermarkets all over the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.  The Dog Food Advisor gives Fresh Pet foods a 5 star rating!  Check it out yourself:

What’s REALLY in your dog’s food?

Karen and Renee talk to noted expert on dog and cat nutrition, Tracie Hotchner. Tracie was such an interesting guest and we give this show a ***** rating!  To learn more about canine nutrition, read Tracie’s book, The Dog Bible, and listen to her radio programs,  Dog Talk at: and Cat Chat at:

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Good Communications Between You and Your Vet

Karen and Renee interview veterinarian, Dr. Tammy Anderson, who is also very knowledgeable about behavior.  Dr. Anderson talks about how she helps her clients open up so she can get a complete and detailed description of what medical issues the dog might have, and how that could possibly relate to their dog’s change in behavior.  Dr. Anderson practices at North Star Vets, a Veterinary Emergency Trauma and Specialty Center in Robbinsville, New Jersey.  She takes on clients only with a veterinary referral.  Dr. Anderson can be contacted by going to

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Feeding your dog from the table and other dog diet questions

Lucy Postins, founder of The Honest Kitchen, talks to Renee and Karen about human table scraps to avoid giving to our dogs, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. She also talks about the benefit of a raw food diet for dogs. For more information about her dehydrated foods, check out her website at:

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Our dog’s health is very much affected when we put them in boarding kennels.

Renee and Karen interview Dr. Arthur Young, a homeopathic veterinarian from Mt. Laurel, NJ.  Dr. Young goes into great detail about both the physical and emotional stress that our dogs experience whenever they’re put into a boarding kennel.  Pet parents really need to listen to this very informative program because it is so relative to their dog’s health and well-being!  Dr. Young can be contacted through his website at:

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Natural food diet for dogs’ health

Dr. Arthur Young, homeopathic veterinarian from Mt. Laurel, NJ re-visits The Doghouse today. Dr. Young shared his wisdom about why so many of our dogs today develop digestive problems and allergies. He also made some recommendations about changing our dogs’ diets from commercially processed kibble to more natural foods, like raw meat and blended raw vegetables. This was an excellent program today!

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Using homeopathic flower essences

Dr. Arthur Young from Mt. Laurel, NJ talks about the benefits of using some homeopathic remedies called, “Bach Flower Essences.” He explains how actual healing works in the animal’s body and how disease can create lots of behavioral issues with our dogs and cats, like aggression, resource guarding and anxiety. Renee gives today’s show a 5 Star Rating! Contact Dr. Young at You can call him at (856) 437-6523 for questions or to do a phone consult.

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Healing animals with Emotional Freedom Technique

Andrea Christos, a natural healer of humans and animals talks about a process she uses called “Emotional Freedom Technique” or EFT. She discusses how all dogs are traumatized when leaving their mothers and littermates, so this single incident can be the root cause of many other fear issues in all of our dogs. Her  book, “Healing Our Animal Friends With EFT” is available from

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