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Discussion about Bella, a fearful, reactive dog who is improving by eating Royal Canin’s food, “CALM.”

Dr. Sally Foote, veterinary behaviorist from Tuscola, Ill. Talks to Renee and Karen about how she’s rehabilitating her dog Bella, who is very reactive to seeing men and other dogs. She also discusses how Royal Canin’s food, “CALM” is helping to keep her dog much calmer during this process. If you want to read Dr. Foote’s blog about Bella, click on this link:

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What’s REALLY in your dog’s food?

Karen and Renee talk to noted expert on dog and cat nutrition, Tracie Hotchner. Tracie was such an interesting guest and we give this show a ***** rating!  To learn more about canine nutrition, read Tracie’s book, The Dog Bible, and listen to her radio programs,  Dog Talk at: and Cat Chat at:

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Good Communications Between You and Your Vet

Karen and Renee interview veterinarian, Dr. Tammy Anderson, who is also very knowledgeable about behavior.  Dr. Anderson talks about how she helps her clients open up so she can get a complete and detailed description of what medical issues the dog might have, and how that could possibly relate to their dog’s change in behavior.  Dr. Anderson practices at North Star Vets, a Veterinary Emergency Trauma and Specialty Center in Robbinsville, New Jersey.  She takes on clients only with a veterinary referral.  Dr. Anderson can be contacted by going to

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Biting Dogs

Melissa Berryman, former Animal Control Officer in Massachusetts and now a Dog Bite Consultant, talks about the reasons a Colorado TV news anchor was severely bitten by an Argentine Mastiff after the news woman tried to kiss his face. Watch this to see more. Melissa has written a book called “People Training for Good Dogs.”  Her book is available at Renee & Karen give this show a ***** rating!

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The Holocaust and how it affected 10 survivors and their beloved pets.

Renee and Karen speak to noted Behaviorist, Susan Bulanda.  Sue has written a very heartwarming book which tells the story of 10 Holocaust survivors’ and their pets who gave them comfort, suffered alongside them, and waited for their return. The name of the book is, “Faithful Friends.”  These stories clearly show the strength of the human-animal bond.  You can purchase Susan’s book at

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