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Links to Find Positive Trainers & Behavior Consultants

If you need to find a trainer or behavior consultant outside of the southern New Jersey area, you can click on the links below. Do your research! Do not hire the first person you speak to. Ask these professionals what methods of training and behavior modification they use and avoid hiring anyone who uses aversive methods. Aversives would include (1) shock collars, (2) prong collars, (3) severe choke chain corrections, or (4) any harsh punishments.

The links I’m providing for you will take you to sites that are primarily for positive reinforcement professionals in this field. Good luck! (This link is for the International Association of Dog Behavior Consultants) (This link is for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers)

Understanding What Your Dog Tells You

Turid Rugaas, a Norwegian trainer and behaviorist has been studying dogs for well over 25 years. She has done incredible research on how dogs communicate with other dogs, and also how they also attempt to communicate with us. If you want to get better acquainted with how dogs definitely communicate their feelings, please click on this link:

Once you get to view these pictures, you can then click on each individual photograph to see a larger picture that shows a lot more detail.

Please note that many of these calming signals are very subtle signs given off in body language. Next time your dog goes to greet a dog, notice how he behaves. You’ll see calming signals for several minutes, such as look-aways, nose-licks, sniffing the ground, play-bows, and many other behaviors. The more familiar you become with dog calming signals, the better you will be able to understand how your dog is feeling about events that are taking place daily in his life.

What I find incredibly interesting and important is how dogs respond to our human body language. Take a look at your dog next time your young child goes to hug him or kiss him. Can you honestly say that your dog is actually enjoying this closeness? Believe it or not, many dogs only tolerate our getting up front and personal. And many dogs don’t tolerate it, and then nip at children’s faces!

Dogs are incredible creatures. They’re extremely honest and they don’t hide their feelings. As dog owners and guardians, it’s our responsibility to learn how to determine what makes them happy, and what makes them very unhappy. I think you’ll be quite surprised about what you learn from these photographs.

Links to Excellent Books on Dog Training

The following is my recommended list of books on this subject; all of these books are available at dogwise.

Culture Clash
by Jean Donaldson
Don’t Shoot the Dog
by Karen Pryor
bc-aggression Aggression in Dogs: Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification
by Brenda Aloff
bc-canine Canine Aggression Workbook
by James O’Heare
bc-cautious Cautious Canine
by Dr. Patricia B. McConnell
bc-feeling Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage & Enjoy a Multi-Dog Household
by Dr. Patricia B. McConnell
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training
by Pamela Dennison

(this easy to read guide to clicker training is available at

Ideas for providing much needed mental stimulation in the lives of all dogs of all ages and all breeds.

Renee & Karen give out lots of very fun ideas on how to provide mentally challenging activities to keep terriers, hunting dogs and working dogs happy and active doing appropriate things vs. destruction, stealing and other bad behaviors that are caused by boredom. The two links here are Renee’s favorite boredom-busting toys: (click on Toys, and then type in Hide-a-squirrel). (click on Toys, and then type in Babble Ball). Fun, fun, fun!

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High Drive Working Dogs

Susan Bulanda, expert trainer and behavioral expert, discusses how to live with a dog who has an intense desire to have a job. Many people mistakenly purchase puppies who are bred specifically for work, such as protection, herding and hunting breeds. People may have wanted a companion pet and soon realize their dog is incredibly smart and has a strong work ethic that cannot be “corrected.” Everyone should listen to this show! For more information about Sue and to read her books, go to her website:

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Discussion about Bella, a fearful, reactive dog who is improving by eating Royal Canin’s food, “CALM.”

Dr. Sally Foote, veterinary behaviorist from Tuscola, Ill. Talks to Renee and Karen about how she’s rehabilitating her dog Bella, who is very reactive to seeing men and other dogs. She also discusses how Royal Canin’s food, “CALM” is helping to keep her dog much calmer during this process. If you want to read Dr. Foote’s blog about Bella, click on this link:

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What’s REALLY in your dog’s food?

Karen and Renee talk to noted expert on dog and cat nutrition, Tracie Hotchner. Tracie was such an interesting guest and we give this show a ***** rating!  To learn more about canine nutrition, read Tracie’s book, The Dog Bible, and listen to her radio programs,  Dog Talk at: and Cat Chat at:

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Good Communications Between You and Your Vet

Karen and Renee interview veterinarian, Dr. Tammy Anderson, who is also very knowledgeable about behavior.  Dr. Anderson talks about how she helps her clients open up so she can get a complete and detailed description of what medical issues the dog might have, and how that could possibly relate to their dog’s change in behavior.  Dr. Anderson practices at North Star Vets, a Veterinary Emergency Trauma and Specialty Center in Robbinsville, New Jersey.  She takes on clients only with a veterinary referral.  Dr. Anderson can be contacted by going to

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Biting Dogs

Melissa Berryman, former Animal Control Officer in Massachusetts and now a Dog Bite Consultant, talks about the reasons a Colorado TV news anchor was severely bitten by an Argentine Mastiff after the news woman tried to kiss his face. Watch this to see more. Melissa has written a book called “People Training for Good Dogs.”  Her book is available at Renee & Karen give this show a ***** rating!

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The Holocaust and how it affected 10 survivors and their beloved pets.

Renee and Karen speak to noted Behaviorist, Susan Bulanda.  Sue has written a very heartwarming book which tells the story of 10 Holocaust survivors’ and their pets who gave them comfort, suffered alongside them, and waited for their return. The name of the book is, “Faithful Friends.”  These stories clearly show the strength of the human-animal bond.  You can purchase Susan’s book at

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Our dog’s health is very much affected when we put them in boarding kennels.

Renee and Karen interview Dr. Arthur Young, a homeopathic veterinarian from Mt. Laurel, NJ.  Dr. Young goes into great detail about both the physical and emotional stress that our dogs experience whenever they’re put into a boarding kennel.  Pet parents really need to listen to this very informative program because it is so relative to their dog’s health and well-being!  Dr. Young can be contacted through his website at:

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Canine Body Language and the Definition of “Dominance”

Renee and Karen were honored to interview Dr. Roger Abrantes this morning. Dr. Abrantes is a well-known expert on why animals do what they do. He shared lots of information about what body language cues our dogs offer to each other and to us to express themselves and their emotions.  Dr Abrantes also offered his definition of “Dominance” and whether our dogs are really trying to take over our households!  You might want to purchase his books, “Dog Language – An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior,” as well as “The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior.”  Both books are available at: and

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Reactive (vs. aggressive) dogs

Dr. Patricia McConnell, well known Applied Animal Behaviorist and author, visited The Doghouse this morning.  She talked about dogs who are reactive when they see other dogs but who don’t actually bite them.  She defined the difference between “reactive” vs. “aggressive.”  Dr. McConnell has a brand new book out that she co-authored with Dr. Karen London, called “Love Has No Age Limit; Welcoming an Adopted Dog Into Your Home.”  Be sure to visit Dr. McConnell’s website at to order her book and to see what other great information she has to offer.  Today’s show was a ***** program!

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Keeping Dogs Calm and Stress-Free at the Vet’s Office

Renee and Karen interview Dr. Sally Foote, a veterinarian who has invented a record-keeping system that helps pets remain calm, happy and stress-free when they are visiting with their vets.  Dr. Foote also discusses an effective product called Dog Appeasing Pheromones which is a natural product that helps dogs feel calm.  She also mentions a similar product for cats called Feliway.  Hopefully, her patented system will catch on with all veterinarians who could help their own patients feel less fearful when having vet exams.  For more information about Dr. Foote’s system, go to   Renee and Karen also answered a question from a caller, Richard, who wanted to learn more about why dogs eat their own poop, and how to resolve this behavior problem.

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Clicker Training for Cat Behavior Issues

Noted Cat Behaviorist, Marilyn Krieger joined Renee today. They discussed how clicker training cats helps to solve many very common cat behavior problems, including inappropriate elimination, darting out the door and aggression. Marilyn talked about her book, “Naughty No More,” which goes into great detail about how to clicker train cats. Marilyn is available for both in-home visits all over the U.S. as well as telephone consults. Her website is:

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Animal communicator Liesl Woelfel

Liesl Woelfel (spotlighted on NBC evening news in January) talked to Renee about how she knew as a child she could “hear” what animals say through their thoughts and images. Renee has also done a little bit of animal communication. Liesl will be returning to The Doghouse on March 31st to help callers who might want to have her work remotely on their pets! For more information about Liesl’s services, go to To make an appointment with her, call (215) 542-0104. She knows what she’s doing!

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Surveys about dog owners relationship with their dogs

Today Renee talks to Linda Case, creator of The Dog Talk Project. Linda has a website where dog owners can take surveys about all sorts of topics relating to their relationship with their dogs. The results of many of these surveys are very interesting, not only for pet parents but for trainers, vets and other professionals in this field. Check out

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Rescuing Leo, a pit bull vicitimized by Michael Vick

Marthina McClay, Certified Pet Dog Trainer from California, talks about how she rescued Leo. Leo is one of many Pit Bulls who suffered at the hands of Michael Vick. Hear how Leo bounced back within 5 weeks to become a Certified Therapy Dog and now visits cancer patients at an infusion center. Read Leo’s complete story and see his videos by going to If you want to learn the complete story about all of Vick’s Dogs, buy the book, “THE LOST DOGS” by Jim Gorant available at

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Labrador Retrievers

Renee’s guest is a professional trainer and behavior consultant from Mystic Connecticut, Michael Shikashio. Michael owns his own training business, Complete Canines, LLC and he volunteers and provides foster care for American Lab Rescue, an all breed rescue concentrated on the east coast. Listen and learn about Labrador Retrievers today. Visit if you’d like to adopt one of their dogs.

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Sighthounds – Whippets, Brussels Griffons

Sharon Sakson, well-known dog show judge, breeder and author returns to The Doghouse to talk specifically about Sighthounds; their physical characteristics, their personalities, and information on how to keep them happy and safe in the home. If you’re interested in buying a Whippet or Brussels Griffon, contact Sharon

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Healing animals with Emotional Freedom Technique

Andrea Christos, a natural healer of humans and animals talks about a process she uses called “Emotional Freedom Technique” or EFT. She discusses how all dogs are traumatized when leaving their mothers and littermates, so this single incident can be the root cause of many other fear issues in all of our dogs. Her  book, “Healing Our Animal Friends With EFT” is available from

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