Monthly Archives: September 2012

A book called, “Little Boy Blue” who got adopted by the author, Kim Kavin just hours before he was to be killed in a gas chamber at the shelter in North Carolina.

Kim Kavin joins Karen and Renee today to discuss how she met her rescued dog, “Blue” and what she learned about how dogs are killed every day in shelters that use gas chambers. She explains why so many rescue groups are now running vans down south to bring dogs up north to save them from this horrible death!

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Aggression in Dogs: Causes and Prevention

Renee discusses why some dogs choose to show aggression. She mentions several human behaviors that may trigger biting, including using painful punishment tactics, being confrontational, etc. She discusses what body-language signals to watch for that may predict a bite is coming. Renee also talks about how to respond appropriately when a dog is growling, snapping or snarling.

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