Monthly Archives: February 2012

Biting Dogs

Melissa Berryman, former Animal Control Officer in Massachusetts and now a Dog Bite Consultant, talks about the reasons a Colorado TV news anchor was severely bitten by an Argentine Mastiff after the news woman tried to kiss his face. Watch this to see more. Melissa has written a book called “People Training for Good Dogs.”  Her book is available at Renee & Karen give this show a ***** rating!

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The Holocaust and how it affected 10 survivors and their beloved pets.

Renee and Karen speak to noted Behaviorist, Susan Bulanda.  Sue has written a very heartwarming book which tells the story of 10 Holocaust survivors’ and their pets who gave them comfort, suffered alongside them, and waited for their return. The name of the book is, “Faithful Friends.”  These stories clearly show the strength of the human-animal bond.  You can purchase Susan’s book at

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