Monthly Archives: September 2011

Our dog’s health is very much affected when we put them in boarding kennels.

Renee and Karen interview Dr. Arthur Young, a homeopathic veterinarian from Mt. Laurel, NJ.  Dr. Young goes into great detail about both the physical and emotional stress that our dogs experience whenever they’re put into a boarding kennel.  Pet parents really need to listen to this very informative program because it is so relative to their dog’s health and well-being!  Dr. Young can be contacted through his website at:

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California woman trains shelter dogs for search and rescue missions

Renee and Karen interview Wilma Melville, founder of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Wilma was spotlighted this year (2011) by CNN as a hero for her wonderful work training shelter dogs to partner with firefighters in order to save lives after major disasters in our country.  Listen to Wilma’s heartwarming story of how she got started in this endeavor and how shelter dogs are selected for this important work.

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Canine Body Language and the Definition of “Dominance”

Renee and Karen were honored to interview Dr. Roger Abrantes this morning. Dr. Abrantes is a well-known expert on why animals do what they do. He shared lots of information about what body language cues our dogs offer to each other and to us to express themselves and their emotions.  Dr Abrantes also offered his definition of “Dominance” and whether our dogs are really trying to take over our households!  You might want to purchase his books, “Dog Language – An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior,” as well as “The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior.”  Both books are available at: and

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Irresponsible Owners of Pit Bulls

Renee and Karen talk about an unfortunate incident that happened in North Philadelphia this week. A woman was killed by the 5 Pit Bulls who lived with the family. These dogs were known to run the streets and have attacked the neighbors, biting people very severely.  They talked to a caller about responsible ownership, especially of this breed because they are so maligned in the media.  Karen also answered an email from an owner of a Pit Bull who wanted to breed her very protective Pit Bull.  Karen’s response to the emailer was Excellent!

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