Monthly Archives: August 2011

Renee and Karen answer emails from listeners on a variety of issues

Karen and Renee answer emails today.  Subjects ranged from developmental stages known as fear periods, the pros and cons of taking young dogs to dog parks, how to react to growling dogs, and recommended food bowl exercises for both puppies and a newly rescued dog who is showing some resource guarding issues around his food bowl.  Excellent show!

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Does Playing Tug of War Cause Dogs to Become Aggressive?

Karen and Renee talk about the benefits of playing Tug with dogs.  But…the game must be played by the rules!  Listen today to find out what those rules are and how to easily implement them.  Karen and Renee also took a call from a listener whose 2 year old female Golden Retriever is pulling on the leash during her walks.  She got some great suggestions from Renee and Karen and she was happy now to put those suggestions into practice. Listen to the show if your own dog is pulling.

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Reactive (vs. aggressive) dogs

Dr. Patricia McConnell, well known Applied Animal Behaviorist and author, visited The Doghouse this morning.  She talked about dogs who are reactive when they see other dogs but who don’t actually bite them.  She defined the difference between “reactive” vs. “aggressive.”  Dr. McConnell has a brand new book out that she co-authored with Dr. Karen London, called “Love Has No Age Limit; Welcoming an Adopted Dog Into Your Home.”  Be sure to visit Dr. McConnell’s website at to order her book and to see what other great information she has to offer.  Today’s show was a ***** program!

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