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Keeping Dogs Calm and Stress-Free at the Vet’s Office

Renee and Karen interview Dr. Sally Foote, a veterinarian who has invented a record-keeping system that helps pets remain calm, happy and stress-free when they are visiting with their vets.  Dr. Foote also discusses an effective product called Dog Appeasing Pheromones which is a natural product that helps dogs feel calm.  She also mentions a similar product for cats called Feliway.  Hopefully, her patented system will catch on with all veterinarians who could help their own patients feel less fearful when having vet exams.  For more information about Dr. Foote’s system, go to   Renee and Karen also answered a question from a caller, Richard, who wanted to learn more about why dogs eat their own poop, and how to resolve this behavior problem.

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Karen Fazio joins Renee today as a permanent co-host.

NEW: 7/7/11 – Karen Fazio, owner of “My Best Friend Dog Training LLC” and “The Dog Super Nanny” joined Thursday in the Doghouse today as Renee’s new Co-Host. Renee and Karen talked about how they wound up becoming dog trainers, both having lived with dogs that had serious issues. Karen and Renee will now be taking listeners’ calls to the station during their weekly live shows. Give us a call between 10:00-10:30 a.m. at (856) 227-1360 and tell us about your own dogs. The girls will also be answering emails from people who want their questions answered on the air. You can email them from their websites: or

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