Monthly Archives: May 2011

Finding a responsible and positive dog trainer

Jill Halstead, experienced trainer from Richmond, Vermont, visits Renee and discusses the best ways for pet parents to find a responsible and positive dog trainer. Jill and Renee advise listeners how to effectively communicate with their trainer. They also talk about some situations when owners should discontinue working with a professional who might be making them uncomfortable about how their dog is being handled or trained.

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Toby, a problematic rescue dog

Viviane Arzoumanian, a Certified Pet Dog Trainer from Brooklyn, NY shares her experiences of living with her own, very problematic rescue dog, Toby. Viviane originally fostered Toby but soon found out that he was not adoptable, and chose to keep him with her family. Listen to Toby’s story and you’ll realize even professional trainers are sometimes quite challenged by their own dogs.

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Clicker Training for Cat Behavior Issues

Noted Cat Behaviorist, Marilyn Krieger joined Renee today. They discussed how clicker training cats helps to solve many very common cat behavior problems, including inappropriate elimination, darting out the door and aggression. Marilyn talked about her book, “Naughty No More,” which goes into great detail about how to clicker train cats. Marilyn is available for both in-home visits all over the U.S. as well as telephone consults. Her website is:

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