Monthly Archives: April 2011

Getting to know a shelter dog before adoption

Renee and Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Joan Hunter Mayer discuss the best way to get to know a dog in a shelter before bringing him/her home. They also talked about how important it is for adopters to ask specific questions about the dog in order to get as much history as possible. Joan talked about the game she created for families that can be purchased from her website: The name of her game is called: “Out of the Box Dog Training Game.” Great show for potential adopters of shelter dogs!

Click here to play or download.

Testing a dog’s temperament

Renee interviews Kelly Shwiner, a professional dog trainer from West Palm Beach, Florida.  Kelly is a full-time trainer at a shelter and she describes how dogs are temperament tested, and whether those tests are a guarantee for the dog’s future behavior.  Kelly talks about the importance of setting rules immediately when the dog comes into its new home, and why all adopters should learn how to read canine body language.  Today’s program was another good one to hear for those who are thinking of adopting or who have recently adopted a shelter dog.

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