Monthly Archives: June 2011

Preparing Our Pets For Any Possible Disaster

Abby Harrison, Certified Pet Dog Trainer from Houston, Texas, helps educate listeners on how to help prepare our pets in the event of a major disaster.  People who live in moderate climates should realize the earth’s weather is changing and all of us might someday be faced with an unexpected hurricane, tornado or flood.  I hope everyone listens to this informative show!

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Natural food diet for dogs’ health

Dr. Arthur Young, homeopathic veterinarian from Mt. Laurel, NJ re-visits The Doghouse today. Dr. Young shared his wisdom about why so many of our dogs today develop digestive problems and allergies. He also made some recommendations about changing our dogs’ diets from commercially processed kibble to more natural foods, like raw meat and blended raw vegetables. This was an excellent program today!

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